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Real reviews for

J*** from Canada: Thank you Kayden for the package! Your panties are amazing. I love burying my face in them and breathing through them because they smell so good in all the right places! The personal note and little extras were a very nice touch. thx.

B**** from NY: Kayden, I got your package today!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for the wonderful panties and extra goodies. This is a first for me through the internet and for some reason your panties give me such a raging boner it is unbelievable. You smell great and sweet. Thank you again Kayden for everything. 

P*** from CA: I just love you Kayden, so sweet, kind, hot, sexy...everything a woman should have! Your panties are just...perfect!! Can't explain it better...the aroma...and the taste. Really Love You, Kayden...ALL of YOU. 

M*** from FL:  Just got panties at the PO. Ripped open and started sniffing in the car in the parking lot. HOLY FUCK! Smell amazing! Instant hardon. Definitely will be ordering from you again very very soon.

J**** from SC: Hey Kayden, got my first order from you today they were waiting for me when I got home from work. They were a nice surprise after a shitty long day at work.  Thanks so much Beautiful. 

I have so many more reviews of my used panties, and I apologize if I didn't use yours. But the  listed reviews above should be enough to help the average person make an informed buying decision.  xoxo  - Kayden